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From one room to 300 acres. We can take care of your estate.

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East can pick up anything from storage units, garages, or select items.

  • Estate Sales
  • Our online estate sales blow traditional sales out of the water. Get thousands of eyes on your items compared to foot traffic traditionally.
  • Pick Ups
  • Whether you need to get out quick or have a select number of items removed, our pick up services are not only the best, they're fast!
  • Complete Liquidation
  • Need a full clean out? Ask how we are the best at getting everything out of your property in record time.
  • HOAs & Gated
  • HOAs love us! If your property doesn't permit traditional estate sales, give us a call. With our scheduled pick ups, HOAs have no problem with East.
  • Specialty Items
  • From antiques to one of a kind collectibles. East has the researchers to properly identify to provide the best info for listing.
  • Shipping
  • We ship worldwide and rest assured knowing that we take care of every step of the shipping process. From flat rate small items to LTL across the country.

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