Estate sales are old-fashioned.

Eastly specializes in online estate sales and auctions. We attract tens of thousands of eyes online vs. one hundred coming through your door.  No more asking strangers into your home to haggle, dirty floors or worse.

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Antique General Store Cabinet
Goyard Purse
Antique Carved Wardrobe
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Speedy Process

We are in and out of your property within 3 days.

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Complete Liquidation

We sell it all! From vehicles to junk drawers.

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Online Reach

Thousands of viewers see your items per sale.

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Professional Team

Only our trusted team comes in your home.

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How it Works

Professional Photography

Our staff of professional photographers bring the photo studio to your property and photograph everything. And we mean everything!

Online Hosting

Our online auction platform blows traditional estate sales out of the water. The auction typically lives online for 5-7 days, where it reaches tens of thousands of viewers.

Shipping & Pick Up

Our team handles every aspect of pick up and shipping. No one, other than our trusted team comes in to your home. We manage the whole process for minimal interaction, traffic or damage to your property.

Carved Wardrobe

What a unique business you have and what a wonderful resource you provided for us! Thank you for being available through communication. And thank you for the quick check!

Janene Paramore
Auction Client

When it was time to dispense with our loved one’s estate we were out of our element, not knowing how or where to begin. Eastly organized, catalogued, and auctioned EVERY item! What would have taken us months, took Eastly days. They are TRULY a dream team.

Sonia Richardson
Auction Client
General Store Cabinet

Friendly and fast service lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore  consectetur adipiscing consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod.

Thom Leeman
Creative Director
Texas Estate Sales

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East currently services all of Texas. Whether you are in a major metro or rural area, we are able to handle your estate.

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